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Teachers - Grade 2/3

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About Me

I graduated from University of Calgary in 1998 and have been teaching ever since.  I majored in secondary music and minored in ESL. I also did 2 years of Bible School at Taylor University in Edmonton where I got an Associate of Arts in Religion with a major in music, and a short stint at University Laval to improve my French. I'm thrilled for the year ahead of us.

 There's more to me than just being a teacher, though (shocking, I know!) --

  • I am also a Daughter of The King
  • The wife of the awesome, wonderful and talented Mr. Rivers!
  • I enjoy attending Bible Studies where you really get to bond with people in a deep way. Shout out to my peeps!
  • I absolutely love to curl up and read a great novel, or my favorite magazine, Victoria. I enjoy a good story, whether that be in a book, movie or musical.
  • Appreciating the beauty of God's awesome creation with my dog is very relaxing, inspiring and rejuvenating.  Second to that would be visiting fabulous places and countries and viewing cool architecture and sculptures.
  • Perching myself behind my piano or keyboard, singing praise songs, is where I love to be in my spare time.
  • Being with my friends or connecting with my family (who are spread out in AB, Nova Scotia and small towns and cities in Ontario) are also moments I cherish.

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My Subjects

  • Language Arts