Camp-out 2020

School CampoutSchool Campout

The annual school camp out is upon us.  It will look a little different this year due to the circumstances that we find ourselves in right now.  We still are strongly encouraging you to get out with your family (no large groups). Try to be creative with this adventure, and please take pictures so that we have some for the yearbook.  Water fights, sleeping in a different place, campfires outside (there is no fire ban as it stands right now), and games.  Looking forward to all the adventures that you are going to go on!

The schedule is as follows:


LCA School Campout 2020 

**This camping experience is not being done in a regular large group setting so it is important to designate someone in your group as the leader who will be referred to as “you” in the rest of the document. If the group is having difficulty in choosing the “you” then it should be the person who has the most experience in active combat duty or the most organized or the tallest or the youngest or the one most of the group is willing to listen. The person that wanted to be “you” but never gets to be “you” can be designated as the “someone” and they will be responsible to take the appropriate pictures to be treasured by the family and can also be posted on the classroom page or Facebook page for all to enjoy. Mrs. Stefanuik is looking for pictures for the yearbook from the campout so this is actually a legit job title and not a random distraction job. The random distraction job will be designated as “great idea” and they shall be in charge of ensuring everyone has proper footwear at all times. There will probably be one more person who really needs a title and they shall be designated “youcan” who will ensure everyone stays hydrated by running to fill water bottles or cans of coke or ice tea or lemonade or punch. That is a good reminder to ensure everyone has a hydration station set up prior to the campout beginning. There should also be a designated bathroom corner in the yard or house or if “you” is enforcing strict hygiene then the toilet is still allowed but definitely not as fun. 

Schedule 9:01 Arrival and Orientation—figure out where you will be setting up your sleeping stuff and organize all the snacks and food and read all posted signs in your house/yard. Determine placement of hydration station and bathroom needs. 

9:54 Snack time—open up the cupboard/lunch bag/cooler and grab the first of hopefully many great snacks you have packed for the day and enjoy. 

10:08 Games (led by you)—pick one of the options and enjoy. There are multiple options 

for differing interests/available resource. Also you can choose to complete all of the games or combine all of the games into one crazy fun activity where you get to make up the rules for the team. 

table relay, Parachute, tug o’ war, kickball, ultimate Frisbee, sack races

11:56 Lunch Time (with fire unless fire ban in effect or you are not allowed to start things on fire in the house or in the yard) You are allowed to substitute any food items for the ones suggested but it might not be as fun unless you still include ketchup and mustard on whatever items you choose to eat for lunch. If doing carrots don’t overdue it as there tends to always be lots of carrots left over that eventually get fed to the murder hornets when we leave. 

Hotdogs/ Veggies/Watermelon 

1:07 Games (led by you)—again choose one or a few or all of the activities or combine them all together. It is allowed to exchange the word high schoolers for stuffies unless you have real live high schoolers in your group. This could also be recognized as a time of napping for the whole family or an opportunity to discuss the book you have all been reading together. *Please note that the balloon toss is meant to have water involved so it should be done in the living room so as not to get the grass wet or balloon bits scattered in the yard 

treasure hunt, find the high schoolers, soccer game, capture the flag, running races, three-legged race, wheel-barrow race, balloon toss 

3:03 Snack time—back to the cooler/storage space for the lovely snacks that should 

hopefully still be there. If you have run out then you are allowed to hunt through the cupboards or the couch cushions for more. Couch cushions are great storage places for the mixed snacks that are quite popular in stores but you don’t have to pay crazy prices for something you can make yourself. 

Watermelon and Rice Krispies 

3:36 Beach time (led by you)—sprinkler/bathtub/kiddie pool/roadside puddle are all 

reasonable alternatives. This might also be a necessary time for a second nap. Just be sure to leave youcan or another designate as the “lifeguard”. If you have discovered a water supply that has more than 3 cm of liquid (yes it could be water but it could also be something of your choice) you might want to consider having a legit set of eyes watching what is happening. 

Sand and playground and swimming, water gun fight for those prepared 

6:04 Supper—if you have not done any pre planning for this day you are allowed to order takeout if you allows it. Find something to eat and if there has not been any cleanup happening for the entire day then perhaps it would be a good time to remove some of the debris while waiting for the pizza to arrive 

Beef on a Bun/ Veggies/Watermelon 

6:32 Bus Leaves—take family members back to their bedroom that really need to be done now as this has been the most activity they have consumed in months 

7:11 Large Group Game (Led by you)—this is the again up to you how it plays out but should be funner now that some have gone to bed for the night. 

Kick ball, Capture the Flag, House of Pain 

8:09 Campfire and Snacks (led by you)—time for more food and a chance to talk as a family. Sometimes we call this the circle of emotions if you want a cooler name than campfire. If you are enjoying sunflower seeds it is better eating them inside in case any get dropped before de- shelling so there is less waste. This is a great opportunity to hear some stories of early years of your parents, like how they started dating or what their first jobs might have been or how many detentions they received or special awards they received. Use this as a time of sharing, campfire games, informal time of eating sunflower seeds and marshmallows . . . if there is a 

fire ban then everything will be done with a pretend in our head fire while sitting around an empty pit. Feel free to pull out the musical instruments or pull out a favourite cd to play while chatting. 

10:00 Non-campers head home—or to the bedrooms 

10:49 Bed time Last call for anyone still up and about 

Fire out Lights out and into sleeping units and Quiet time for all campers Big congratulations for anyone that has made it this late into the night so if you are still up you might as well have one more snack if there is anything left. 

The Next Morning—On Your Own 

Fellowship with those still around, Enjoy breakfast that you have brought, pack up and head out anytime before 12 PM unless you asked for a late checkout then you are welcome to stay as long as you like.