Lighthouse Christian Academy is located in the tourist community of Sylvan Lake. We are a preschool to grade 12 school desiring to meet the needs of each individual that attends our school. The school is comprised of a multitude of families coming from all walks of life. Sylvan Lake is also a bedroom community for Red Deer with a much diversified demographic layout. The town has been experiencing a dramatic growth over the last number of years and the trend is for that to continue for the near future. Lighthouse Christian Academy has been in operation since the 1989-90 school year. The student base is not limited to the town of Sylvan Lake but also to the outlying areas including Red Deer, Bentley, Eckville, Spruce View, Caroline and Benalto. There are parents that drive their children up to 45 minutes to get to the school, and this is repeated two times meaning some parents are in the vehicle for 3 hours each day. Lighthouse Christian Academy started in a downtown location at the present day Sylvan Lake Value Drug Mart. After 1 year it moved to the Anglican Church fellowship hall located on Railroad Avenue. In 1994 the school moved to its present location in Gospel Chapel at the south end of 50th Street between the cemetery; and the RCMP station. All students use the Alberta Program of Studies. The grade range is Pre-Kindergarten to grade 12. We offer split grade classes to accommodate our current school population. The class splits are grade PK, K, 1, 2/3, 4/5, 6/7, 8/9, 10/11/12. Most high school courses are teacher directed but with limited student numbers, staff numbers and resources there are some courses that are offered on campus using distance learning materials. The school also offers a home school program. Home education students have the opportunity to receive their education at home through their parents as well as the opportunity to participate in programming offered at the school with the full time attending students. The school has had a graduating class of one in each of the years 1991, 1992, 1994, 1995, 2002, 2004 and, 2005. In 2006 we had a record number of graduates with 4. In 2007 and 2008, the record was smashed with a graduating class of 5. In 2009 we graduated 4 students, 2010 graduated 5 students and 2011was a record smashing 12 graduates. In 2012 we graduated 4 students. In 2013 we graduated 3 students. In 2014 the grad class had 6 students. For the current year we are projecting to graduate 4 students. The school has experienced a positive growth rate over the past couple of years. We have had a low of 11 students back in the early 90's to a current record high of 92 full time students and 17 home school students. Our capacity with every class full would be about 100 in our present location. At present we have room in all our classes. We are desiring to build our own facility at some point. We are patiently waiting on God for the next step in seeing this dream a reality. Year Student Population Growth Rate 1991/92 19 1992/93 11 -72% 1993/94 25 125% 1994/95 28 12% 1995/96 19 -32% 1996/97 19 0% 1997/98 19 0% 1998/99 29 53% 1999/00 34 17% 2000/01 32 -6% 2001/02 42 31% 2002/03 58 38% 2003/04 56 -3% 2004/05 78 39% 2005/06 87 12% 2006/07 89 3% 2007/08 89 0% 2008/09 78 -12% 2009/10 81 4% 2010/11 85 5% 2011/12 69 -19% 2012/13 60 -15% 2013/14 75 25% 2014/15 92 23% The school employs certified staff along with teacher aides and a number of parent volunteers to meet the individual needs of the students. Lighthouse Christian Academy operates on a four-quarter system for elementary and junior high and a semester system for high school. Certain academic requirements are to be met by each individual student. Three Report Cards and one progress report are prepared each year for students which are then shared verbally or in written form. Parents are encouraged to have an interview with the teacher each quarter. Interviews give the parents opportunity to discuss any problems or questions that they might have. It also gives staff an opportunity to share some highlights that may not yet have been shared with parents. Parents are encouraged to come and visit the school any time to keep track of their child's progress. The 1st, 2nd, and 3rd quarters are 10 weeks long while the 4th quarter is 9 weeks long. These weeks do not include holidays such as Christmas and Easter. Provincial Achievement and diploma exams for grades 3, 6, 9, and 12 are written at the individually scheduled times. Lighthouse Christian Academy has a focus on the community. Part of the program involves taking the students on field trips or outreach activities in the community. In 2004/05 the school had its first mission's trip.Eleven students grade 9 to 12, and 2 adults drove to Mexico for a one week outreach. The total trip with driving was 2 weeks. It was a great time of growing and stretching for both the students and the adults. In 2005/06 the mission's team took 9 students and 3 adults to the Los Angeles Dream Center. The team flew and spent 10 days in Los Angeles doing street ministry and working with the homeless and the hungry. A team of 12 students and 5 adults returned to the Dream Center in November 2006 for a 9 day outreach. Both students and adults continue to return from these trips changed in a good way. In 2006/07 we took 14 students, 9 staff and 2 individuals representing the SEED program to the island of Antigua located in the West Indies. The team spent 8 days visiting 35 schools sharing a character building, life changing presentation about being the light of the world. The presentation involved puppets, songs, skits and games and was shared with over 4000 students, parents and staff. In 2008, a team of 17 students and 5 adults returned to the Dream Center in Los Angeles for another awesome week of serving the community there and seeing life changes in the individuals participating on the trip. 2009 saw a return to Los Angeles with 19 students and 5 adults. In November of 2010 we connected with Global Youth Missions, GYM, which is part of Extreme Dream Ministries. We took 17 students and 6 adults to Montreal to partner with a local church to work in the community and to help with their church plant in an unreached area by building relationships. In October 2011, again through GYM, 10 students and 3 adults travelled to St. John's, Newfoundland for 10 days. Matt Joy was our local contact and he was instrumental in putting together an itinerary full of service ministries (cleaning, painting, garbage pickup, flyer delivery, baking, meal preparation and serving, food bank organizing, clothing sorting and folding) educational tours (Street Reach, AIDS Clinic, YC) and historical site visits (Cape Spear, Signal Hill, Old Churches, Kitty Vitty . . .). There was a very personal touch to this trip as we spent a lot of time getting to know people in the community. We finished the trip by participating in the Youth Convention held at Mile One with 3000 young people enjoying great speakers and concerts. In October 2012, a team of 8 students and 2 staff travelled by van to Vancouver, BC for 8 days. The team partnered with organizations connected to the downtown east side to bring support to the folks living on low income or on the streets. Thank you to the Chinese Pentecostal Church for the use of the Blue House for our accommodations. The team did some painting for the Dodson Hotel, prepared and served for the chili wagon, volunteered at a thrift store and mission possible as well as made many connections with folks living and working in the downtown east side. Educationally the team was able to visit Stanley Park, Rogers Arena and BC Place Stadium as well as enjoying the architecture of downtown and the public transit. In 2013 the school returned to the Dream Center in Los Angeles for another week of serving and enjoying the community. The team also connected with a Spanish Church in southern LA for some outreach. A number of team members were able to enjoy their first live NHL game watching the Flames and the Kings at Staples Center. The team is preparing to again visit the Dream Center in mid-November 2014. One of the treats of this trip is to connect with one of the students attending the Dream Center for a 9 month discipleship training. The student is a alumni of LCA! This is the second graduate that has chosen to serve for a year in Los Angeles at the Dream Center. Students that attend these trips invest many hours with most investing hundreds of hours of volunteering in the community of Sylvan Lake through opportunities while attending LCA and through their own choice of sharing their free time over the course of their high school career. These trips continue to draw out the gifts and talents of students and adults on the team. They return to the school environment more mature and ready to be a more significant role model to the student body and a productive member of the Sylvan Lake community. Spending 24 hours a day together for 7 to 10 days serving, eating and being together creates a special bond between students and adults that also is brought back to the school environment that strengthens the school.